Tips on hanging your Canvas:

  • Keep your artwork away from prolonged direct sunlight where possible.
  • Do not use any form of liquid or chemical products to clean your canvas, even if you have a coating. A soft brush can be used periodically to remove any settled dust.
  • Make sure your print is displayed at room temperature in a stable, moisture-free environment and is kept at a safe distance from any sources of direct heat such as a fireplace or radiator.

Hanging Canvases:

Our canvases are supplied with a Hangman Canvas Hanger which is a two piece bracket system that hangs the canvas flush to the wall. Canvases are supplied with a fitted canvas bracket and a separate wall track which includes a bubble level for an accurate installation. Standard wall screws are supplied but we do recommend that you use appropriate fixings for your wall type. Instructions are also supplied.

Please Note: Canvases sized 1800mm x 1200mm use two canvas hangers due to weight of the stretcher frames. These are positioned either side of the crossbar in the middle of the 1800mm x 1200mm canvas.

Please view the video below for more information on the hanging system which is also a useful guide when hanging your canvas:

Artwork hanging height:

A good guide is to position your artwork at a height of 1600mm to the centre of the artwork from the floor. This is a measurement commonly used by museums and art galleries based on hanging artwork at average eye level. This rule works well in locations where the artwork is not hung above furniture.

When hanging artwork above a sofa, the objective is to visually connect the two, which means hanging the artwork fairly close to the top of the sofa's backrest. Hang the artwork so that the bottom of the frame is 6 inches from the top of the sofa's backrest. Step back, and assess how it looks. Raise the artwork if necessary, but don't raise it more than 12 inches above the top of the backrest.

Hang enough artwork or artwork groupings to take up an area that is at least half the width of your sofa or piece of furniture. The artwork or artwork groupings size should not be longer than the width of the furniture. A general principle is to choose artwork or artwork groupings that are about 75% of the width of a piece of furniture.

Artwork spacing:

Spacing between artwork groupings is down to your best judgement however a general principle is to position artwork at a spacing of one quarter of the artwork width. e.g. If you purchased 3 x 1200mm x 800mm canvases leave a 300mm space between each canvas and see how that looks and adjust to suit you personal preference.

A guide to spacing for the artwork sizes in our range based on a spacing of one quarter of the canvas width would be as follows:


900mm x 600mm (225mm spacing)
1200mm x 800mm (300mm spacing)
1500mm x 1000mm (375mm spacing)
1800mm x 1200mm (450mm spacing)


600mm x 900mm (150mm spacing)
800mm x 1200mm (200mm spacing)
1000mm x 1500mm (250mm spacing)
1200mm x 1800mm (300mm spacing)

For a wider gap between the artwork try an alternative spacing of one third of the canvas width e.g. If you purchased 3 x 1200mm x 800mm canvases leave a 400mm space between each canvas.